Infancy (12 months to birth)

Most of this is copied from her baby book. Looking back, I can see the "signs" very early on.

Mommy is worried I can't hear. She took me to have my hearing tested at the health department. They put me in a scarey room and played noises and actually expected me to turn my head towards the noise. Mommy thought it was ridiculous...THEN the tech person gave her a slip of paper that said my hearing was "normal". The machine that tests the fluid in my ears was off, but just a little. The tech said to tell my dr so she could recheck it later.
I had out 1 year appt today. I was 17 lbs 6 oz (5%) and 28" tall (30%). My head was in the 75%. LOL The dr suggested we call the state funded group called SoonerStart since I'm not meeting my milestones (talking, walking, pointing) in a timely fashion.

I started crawling. I could manage to get across the room to a bowl of popcorn a month ago, but didn't have the desire to crawl until now.

I went in today for my 9 month check-up. I am 26 1/2 tall and almost 16 pounds. My weight dropped to the 9th%ile and my height is still around 25%. My big ol'head is still in the 70%ile. The dr took some blood and I am a little anemic. Mommy is supposed to give me drops...but I hate them.

Today I got my shots. It hurt and we cried. I didn't get weighed because someone else was in that room. I'm doing fine now though.
I can sit up unsupported now.

I went to the doctor today for my 6 month check-up. I weigh 14 lbs 4 oz! My height and weight is around the 25th %ile and my head is around 70%. Mommy knew I had a big head! The doctor said everything looked wonderful.
I also went to the eye specialist. He said I have astigmatism and will need glasses someday. Mommy told him that I wasn't tracking toys or even watching my older sister. So she just brought me in to make sure I *could* see.

I have been wonderful as usual. I am almost sitting up alone. I can roll both directions too. I am still having problems letting anyone but Mommy or Daddy hold me. Mommy is hoping that phase will end soon. I have been sleeping really good at night (only waking up once). But I wake up for the day between 6 and 7am. Mom says that is too early.

Today Mommy took me to get my shots. The shot nurse was evil and Mommy and I cried hysterically after I got them. I think Mommy might have even cried harder than me.

I went in for my 4 month check-up. The dr was worried about my eyesight and is sending me to a specialist. She was impressed with my head control and leg strength. She said I was perfect! I weighed 12lbs 7oz!

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to the dr. They were worried about my skin rashes. The dr told them I was perfect and to stop being stilly (well not really, but he implied it). I weighed 12 pounds!

I am super close to laughing! Mommy and Daddy anxiously await. I have been sleeping like an angel. Mommy even wakes me up sometimes and MAKES me eat. She thinks 4 hours is too long to go without eating.

Today I went to the dr because I have a terrible rash that worries Mommy. After waiting for almost 2 hours, the doctor finally came to the conclusion that it was heat rash. So, I have to have a bumpy, red blotchy face for a few more weeks. I weighed 10lbs 8oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.

I am still being a good baby. I usually only wake up 2 times during the night. I have been kind of grouchy during the day...but Mommy thinks it might be because I am usually hot. I love my swing now (which gives Mommy and Daddy's arms a break). I have also started smiling TONS.
Today I went to the dr for my 2 month checkup. I weigh 9 1/2 pounds and are 21 inches long (20%ile for both) The dr said I was doing good. I had to have 4 shots!!! Poor poor me.

My sissy has gotten quite jealous. She pinches me and pulls my hair when Mommy isn't looking. I am sleeping pretty decent during the night (waking up 4-5 times usually). I like to be held all day long, but then wouldn't you too?

I went to the dr today for my 3 week checkup. The doctor was so very excited that I am up to 7lbs 4oz. He said "Give my compliments to the chef." to mommy. She thought that was pretty funny. I have also grown 2 inches!

I am being a perfect baby for Mommy. I sleep most the day and night. I eat like a champ and only cry when someone wipes my bottom with a cold wipey. When I lay on the floor for tummy-time, I can lift up my head and turn it to the other side. Mommy and Daddy clap when I do that. They are so silly.

I went to the dr again to check my bilirubin. The dr said my color was so much better that he didn't even need to check me. I weighed 5lbs 13oz.

I had to go to the dr for a check-up and because I was jaundiced. I weighed 5lbs 12oz. My bilirubin level was 15 (pretty high). The dr told Mommy to sunbathe me and come in for a follow-up in a couple days.

Mommy was itching to get home so we were discharged from the hospital! The nursery nurses were very angry because they weren't warned and had to quickly perform all the "stuff" before she could leave with me.

Shelby's birth was very easy. I had a midwife that was wonderful and let me labor at my own pace. After a couple easy pushes, Shelby was born. She was 3 days early and was a tiny 6 pounds 2 oz.

They wisked her away to the nursery to do whatever-it-is-they-do and brought her back in about 30 minutes. She latched on and was a champion nurser from that point on.

Mike (my husband) went home to be with Mallory and I stayed the night alone with Shelby in the hospital. By the next morning I knew something was different. At that time I just thought she wasn't "done" cooking. I was very angry at myself for not going home when my contractions stopped.