Year 2

We had our last therapy lesson with Kendra and Kris (Soonerstart). They did their job great and Mommy will always appreciate the ideas they gave her to help me.

We visited Oak Crest. They have a special class for learning disabled kids. Mommy liked the teacher a LOT but didn't care for the assistant teachers who were sitting on their butts cutting out paper for the 15 minutes Mom was in the classroom.
Mommy doesn't want me to go anywhere yet. Maybe next fall.

I went back to see Dr Scott. She said I was making a lot of progress and to keep up the good work.
Charged another $315.
Mommy is not taking me back there. For the $1000 she spent on nothing, she could have gotten a LOT of therapy for me.

I had a reevaluation by Soonerstart.
Area Age Equivalent
Social----- 18 months (that's a 6 month gain in 4 months)
Adaptive--- 24 months (that's a 13 month gain in 4 months)
Fine Motor----22 months
Gross Motor ---27months
Receptive Communication ----- 12 months (that's a 7 month gain in 4 months)
Expressive Communication --- 16 months (that's a 3 month gain)
Cognitive/Attention --- 19 months (that's a 2 month gain)
Cognitive/Perception --- 16 months (that's a 5 month gain)
Mommy was VERY happy with my progress. I have progressed tons more in the past 4 months than I did in the entire 13 months between the first 2 evaluations.

Mommy and Daddy went back to see the dr. The following is from her report:
I assesed Shelby using the KUMC-OT evaluation. She scored at the 14 month level at the chronological age of 28 months. I also asked her parents to fill out Childhood Behavioral Checklist which were positive for PPD. Finally I used the Modified Childhood Autism Rating scale which indicated 5 major and 4 minor indicators for childhood Autism.
She told us most autistic girls are also mentally retarded. Which broke my mommy's heart.
She gave Mommy photocopies of old articles and said to come back in 2-3 months.
Charged another $315.

I finally got in to see Dr Scott. After waiting in the waiting room for 45 minutes, the dr came back and got me, alone, to "test" back in her office. Mommy was NOT prepared for that and was quite mad. After 20 minutes or so, the dr brought me back up to Mommy and told her to make a follow up appointment. She said she didn't want to give any kind of diagnosis or hints until she had reviewed her notes and our questionairres. She's not on our network so we had to pay $315.

I had my ears tested at an audiologist. I don't think the woman had ever worked with a child in her life. She expected me to hold still while she crammed something in my ear for a full minute. Then she got angry when I wouldn't and said things like, "Have you considered autism?" Hello????? If I could talk, I would have told her to go work with cattle. She had no business working with people.
Even though she couldn't test my ears OR get me to turn my head at the sounds, she sent a letter of "normal" results.
Therapy with Kendra is going great. She gave Mommy books about Sensory Integration Disorder. She says that is what I have.

I had my evaluation. I just LOVED one of the workers named Kendra. She seemed to understand me.
Area Age Equivalent
Social----- 12 months
Adaptive--- 11 months
Fine Motor----22 months
Gross Motor ---27months
Receptive Communication ----- 5 months
Expressive Communication --- 13 months
Cognitive/Attention --- 17 months
Cognitive/Perception --- 11 months

As you can see, in the 13 months since my previous evaluation, I've progressed around 3 months in every area.

Today I had my 2 year checkup. The following is the list Mommy showed to my dr:
If she's upstairs, she won't answer me. But if I turn on Dora, she comes running.
She won't pay attention to pictures in the book. It's like she can't hear.
She falls and trips on everything. It's like she's drunk.
She has 23 words in her vocabulary. But she doesn't say most of them with intent.
She will sit in her closet for hours and "read" her books.
She stacks and sorts EVERYTHING.
She doesn't point.
She won't look where you point.
She doesn't know any animal sounds.
She never looks at anyone.
She has no sense of danger.
She often takes BIG falls that you know hurt, yet doesn't cry.

My dr gave me a referral to Dr. Jane Scott. Mommy called them and they can't see me for 4 months. So she called Soonerstart and they're coming back out in a month to test me.

Today we had my birthday party at my house. I didn't want to open presents. I cried and ran. I didn't want to eat cake. I screamed and had a meltdown. I finally went into the bathroom, sat down with all of the clean towels and started putting them in piles. Since this made me content, Mommy and Daddy just let me stay in there until the guests left.