Year 4

Today I had my 4 year checkup. I was 39 inches tall (30%) and 32 pounds (30%). Dr. Le was very happy with my progress since the last time she saw me.

Today we had a My Little Pony birthday party at my house. I sang happy birthday all day long.

As soon as Mom put out the birthday decorations, I had to "fix" the cups into a line. Mom should know things don't need stacked around here. This year I was very much into my cake and icecream! I even used a fork! I also liked wearing the birthday hats and said "yee haw" every time I put one on. I guess I was a little rough putting the hats on because they kept collapsing.

My first year of school is over. It was a great year. I can't wait until next year. Mom got my progress report back: About the backpack goal...well, I drop it on the floor then wait for someone to hand it to me, THEN I hang it up.
About the colors...I always say 6 of the 10.
About the shapes...I always say circle, square, rectangle, star and triangle.
About my name...I won't say it when asked. But I do refer to myself as Shelby.
About my age...I say "no I won't" when asked.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me. I've been asking for juice with my words instead of dragging them to the fridge. I've also been saying booboo when I get hurt (although it might be my feelings). The other day while in the truck, the air conditioner was on and the vent was aimed right at my legs. Mommy and Daddy didn't know so I yelled, "I cold!" Mommy felt my legs and they were 20 degrees! They were so very happy that I told them. I've also been asking for certain episodes of Dora that I want to watch.