Year 1

Oh the tantrums. Oh the screaming. Nothing holds my interest except Dora. I don't play with toys. I don't play with Mallory. I do love rough-housing with Dad and snuggling with Mom. I've also become a picky eater...and not your typical 2 year old picky.

I went to my 18 month checkup. Mommy told the dr that she was going to hold off on any testing because she had been told by Soonerstart, the audiologist, the optomotrist and every relative that NOTHING was wrong. Mommy is pushy and expects too much and compares me to Mallory (who did everything super early and knows too much for her age).

Mommy cancelled services with Soonerstart. She didn't feel once a month was helping at all. Plus she felt like they were implying nothing was actually "wrong" with me, that I just had an overexhuberant sister.

Today I had my 15 month checkup. I weighed 18lbs 10oz (3 %ile) and was 29 inches tall (5 %ile). I'm an itty bitty woman. The dr didn't seem too concerned that I still don't walk full time. She was happy that I can say 8 words. She seemed to understand that I am a little shadowed from Mallory. She said she's sure I'll be all caught up by the next time she saw me.

Mommy weaned me (from the breast). It was horrible for both of us. She swears she will NEVER wean a baby again.

I had my evaluation. I had to have a 25% delay in 2 areas or a 50% delay in 1 area to qualify for therapy. I had a 25% or more in almost all areas. Here are my detailed results:
Area Age Equivalent
Social----- 11 months
Adaptive--- 10 months
Fine Motor----8 months
Gross Motor ---9 months
Receptive Communication ----- 9 months
Expressive Communication --- 9 months
Cognitive --- 8 months
Mommy *knew* I was about equivalent to a 9 month old. So, she wasn't sad or anything. She's just thankful she took action now, so I won't have bigger problems later.

OH!!! Mommy also found out that I didn't receive her newborn screening test in the hospital. They gave me the paper that said they did, but no one actually performed the test.