Year 3

Today I had my 3 year checkup. I was 36 inches tall (25%) and 27 pounds (50%). So I have really caught up on growing!

Today we had my birthday party at my house. All day I said, "Haa Eee Err Day". Mommy only invited a few relatives and had them bring books instead of presents. I did open one present but then let Mallory open the rest. Mommy made me an icecream cone with a candle instead of cake since I don't eat cake. I tried eating the cone but it was just too cold and messy to hold. I decided to eat cake but it was just too yucky to touch and too hard to get on a fork.
When everyone was leaving, I walked around and yelled "bye" and even gave out some sugar.

3 1/2 YEARS I started school this month. Here is a picture of me on my first day. Mommy and my teacher Miss Terri made some simple goals for me this school year. Playing with a peer, hanging up her backpack, name basic 10 colors, name shapes and say her name and age.

I cried for the first couple weeks when Mom would drop me off. But then I started getting excited when we'd pull into the parking lot. Pretty soon Mommy could see how much I liked Miss Terri, so it made Mommy feel much better when she had to drop me off.